Members of the New York State Legislature:

The undersigned organizations representing businesses and communities across New York
State seek your support for the Empire AI Consortium. Empire AI is a partnership of public and
private universities in New York that will establish a responsible AI research center as well as a
state-of-the-art supercomputer at SUNY’s University at Buffalo, benefitting research institutions
across the state. This center will house the advanced computing power necessary to power new
AI programs that can be used in medical, environmental, government, educational, and countless
other settings.

Governor Hochul has proposed that New York State provide $250 million in funding for this project
in the FY25 NYS budget and $25 million through the State University of New York over ten years.
This consortium will allow for a significant investment in building and studying AI technology.
This is critical for our colleges and universities, and something they could not accomplish or afford
individually. It will also provide opportunities for universities to guide AI research and open access
to AI technology to students and faculty across the state.

As artificial intelligence increasingly becomes a part of our everyday lives and workforce, it is
critical that New York remains a national leader in AI research and development with the public
interest as a focus. This consortium will be a critical economic asset to the state and will position
our colleges and universities to play a key role in how responsible AI technologies are developed.
This program’s benefits will be centered in cultural and economic hubs across the state, at our
leading private and public universities including SUNY University at Buffalo, Cornell University,
NYU, Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the SUNY and CUNY systems’
89 colleges.

By investing in AI research and development, we can position our state at the forefront of
technological advancement, creating new business opportunities and ensuring employers
continue to call our state home.

The organizations signed below represent leading nonprofits and businesses across New
York State that work every day to bolster economic opportunity for New Yorkers and our local
communities. We are excited about the historic opportunity of Empire AI and enthusiastically
call on the New York State Assembly and Senate to support the Governor’s proposed $250 million
for the Empire AI Consortium and for this funding to be approved in the final FY2025 New York
state budget.