Responsible AI Innovation

Launched in April 2024 by Governor Kathy Hochul, Empire AI is a bold partnership of public and private universities in New York that will establish a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence computing center at SUNY’s University at Buffalo to facilitate statewide innovation, research, and development of AI technologies.

Consortium Members



Provide New York colleges and universities with access to high-performance computing power to use for responsible AI research and development.

Ensure that universities, students, and faculty across New York can drive the development of responsible AI in order to remain competitive.

Empower New York’s academic institutions to focus on the most interesting problems and challenges that AI is uniquely situated to address, including the challenges that AI itself presents.

Take the national lead on building and attracting the next generation of tech talent right here in New York.

Solidify New York’s stance as an international hub for developing AI technology for the public good and AI powered businesses.


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